Strong Protection Hurricane

Fabric Hurricane Screens

Perfect for homes and commercial properties.

This is an innovative product combining the strength and flexibility of strap and buckle system.


  • Reduces hurricane and wind velocity up to 95% Straps can be securely tightened for increased tautness
  • The Strap and buckle is quick to install and easy to deplay. This system incorporates attachment design using. Fastan Fasten the hurricane screen to the structure
  • This system incorporates a flexible attachment design to fasten the hurricane screen to the structure.
  • Florida building code approved (FL-11291)
  • Miami Dade construction code NOA 140207-01
  • Our screens provide “Full envelope protection of your home deflecting hurricane forcewinds and preventing pressurization of the home.
  • Allows light to filter in light the room, enabling you to see out.
  • Available in multiple colors, to blend your home’s exterior.

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